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FAQ Wedding Gown Preservation

FAQ Wedding Gown Preservation

Frequently Asked Questions

About Cleaning and Preservation from KeepSakesPreservation.com

What's the difference between the Traditional Line and Celebrity Line Packages?

Traditional Line

Celebrity Line

$500 Declared Insurance Value

$1,500 Declared Insurance value

Steam pressing of gown

Hand pressing of gown

Gown wrapped in acid free tissue

Gown wrapped museum quality unbleached muslin

White Preservation Chest

Silver Preservation Chest

Celebrity Line is recommended for all Silk, Couture, or any gown valued over $500.

Are the cleaning processes different for the Traditional Line and Celebrity Line Packages?

No, the same of amount of cleaning and preservation go into both packages. Please note the table above for the differences between the Traditional Line and Celebrity Line packages.

No, the same of amount of cleaning and preservation go into both packages. See the response to the prevoius question for the differneces between the Traditional Line and Celebrity Line packages.

Sending in Your Gown / Shipping

How do I send in my dress to be cleaned and preserved through the Affordable Preservation Company?

After you have placed your order online though our website you will receive your prepaid package from us, which includes the shipping box to send in your gown, prepaid shipping label and other shipping materials. Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions that will be included in your package.

Do I need to have my wedding dress cleaned before sending it to your company?

No, we will handle all of the cleaning necessary to ensure a proper preservation.

I am concerned that my dress might be lost/stolen in the shipping process. How can I be assured that my gown will be safe?

This is a common concern, as we know how precious your gown is to you. However, since a wedding dress is such a personal item, your gown is usually much more valuable to you than anyone else. As a result, it is very uncommon that a gown is ever lost or stolen. We utilize UPS who provides tracking information for shipping of your gown both ways. This way you will always know exactly where your dress is at all times. Insurance is also included in each package.

Can I have the wedding dress preservation kit sent to one address and then have the cleaned and preserved dress sent to different address?

Yes, the preservation package you order online will be sent to the address you specify. Once you receive your kit there will be an order form that you can specify where you would like the dress returned to. The shipping address you specify for your gown is independent of your original order.


Will I be able to Track the shipping and the status of the presrvation once you have received it ?
Please be sure to keep your UPS tracking number provided with the pre-paid shipping label you receive. The best way to confirm delivery is through UPS's tracking website. You will also receive an email confirmation (if you include your email address) once your gown has been entered into the tracking system.  You may also call 1-800-305-3108 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM (EST) Monday through Friday, or you can send an e-mail to info@gownpreservation.com. Provide your pre-paid order number and your UPS tracking number and a customer service representative can tell you when your gown was received. If you include your email address on the form you send in with your gown, you will also be notified when your gown is complete and on the way back to you with a UPS tracking number.

Do you send my wedding dress somewhere else after I send it to your company?

No, all of the wedding dress cleaning and preservation is done at the same location you send your gown to which is located in Endicott, NY.


Cleaning and Preservation Process


What is the difference between 'wedding dress cleaning' and 'wedding dress preservation'?

Dry cleaning provides a basic wedding dress cleaning of obvious dirt and stains. However, it does not protect against the long term yellowing, fabric deterioration, or invisible stains that can surface over time and potentially ruin your precious gown.

What exactly is the process that you use during the wedding dress cleaning?

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company has several different processes that are used for wedding dress cleaning. An expert prior to cleaning carefully evaluates each gown.  Gowns are inspected under fluorescent light to identify stains not visible to the naked eye. All of the processes are safe, gentle, and environmentally safe. Your gown is then fitted onto an acid-free bust form and carefully packaged in an acid neutral preservation chest.  Please note that shoulder pads and bust forms are removed, as leaving them in the gown could cause damage over time. They will be wrapped in acid free tissue paper then packed underneath your gown.

What stains are removed with your wedding dress cleaning process?

At least 95% of all stains can be removed during the wedding dress cleaning process. Those such as tar, blood, grass stains, mud, grease and food are the most common, and of course any sugar stains such as cake icing, wine or other types of beverages. Please note that while all stains will be attempted to be removed without compromising the fabric of your gown, we cannot guarantee that all stains will be able to be completely removed.

What kinds of repairs can be done to the gown?

Wedding Gown Preservation Company prides itself on having a large staff of tailors and seamstresses that handle most repairs for a nominal fee. If a repair is requested by you or recommended, you will be contacted with a quote prior to any repairs being made after your gown has been received and evaluated.


Accessories and Packaging


What types of accessories can I include as part of either package without any additional charge?

Accessories that can be included as part of the 3 complimentary accessories are your veil, detachable train, gloves, handkerchief, shawl, jacket, cape, duster, small purse, money bag, ring pillow, garter, scarf, and/or hat. If you would like to include 4 or more of any of these types of accessories the price is an additional $10 each, payable by check when you send in your gown (an order form will be included). Please note: All items placed in the preservation chest with your gown MUST be cleaned by Wedding Gown Preservation Company in order to be guaranteed. The exception would be a tiara, which can be included and placed inside the preservation chest with your gown upon request.

What items can be included for an additional charge and what are the prices?

You can have your shoes, crinoline (slip/petticoat), or silk bouquet cleaned for an additional $25 each. There will be an order form included with your package where you would note which, if any of these additional accessories you would like to add. You would simply include a check for the additional amount at the time you send in your gown (not at the time you order the package).




Is my gown guaranteed?

YES! Wedding Gown Preservation Company provides a 100% Guarantee for 20 years against yellowing of the gown. If at any time the gown is found to have yellowed, your gown will be restored at no extra charge. If processing is unsuccessful, we will refund the preservation cost.

Can I reseal the box myself if it was opened inadvertently but the gown was not handled?

Your wedding dress preservation chest is shipped to you sealed to protect it against dust and dirt, but is not airtight as fabric needs to 'breathe'. If the chest is opened, you will also receive sealing squares to place inside the seams of the preservation chest.

Opening the chest will not void the guarantee.



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